HiveMind’s Mycelium Carbon Vaults Stop Catastrophic Climate Change

Stopping Climate Change one Mycelium Carbon Bank at a Time.

As a society, we have put two trillion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels. It’s plentiful, cheap energy. But it’s also raised the planet’s temperature to the highest level it has been in 800,000 years.

Did you know that the half-life of atmospheric CO2 is a thousand years? This means, even if we stopped burning fossil fuels today, the CO2 stays put, continuing to increase temperatures for hundreds of years.

Curious How We Can Save the Planet Using Mycelium? Watch This.

Biological Drawdown Solutions are Vital.

No one wants to give their children and grandchildren a toxic world. To prevent that from happening, we need to draw down significant amounts of atmospheric CO2 and other greenhouse gases. 

Drawdown by itself isn’t a silver bullet. But it will allow sustainable energy sources like solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, and others to scale up and replace our existing reliance on oil, gas, and coal.

To get a sense of the massive scale involved, consider this. One ton of CO2 at room temperature (gas) would fill a 2,500 square foot ranch home. And Americans emit twenty-two tons per person per year! Industrial economies emit 35 billion tons per year. That’s enough to cover the state of Connecticut with a 3,500-feet-high blanket of CO2.

To stall catastrophic climate change, we need to drawdown 50 billion tons per year, every year, for the next one hundred years.

Mycelium Carbon Vaults: The Solution Our Planet Needs

HiveMind uses a blend of mycelium that has been proven to capture and sequester significant amounts of atmospheric CO2 and safely contain it in the soil. Hivemind’s technology can sequester a gigaton of CO2e in one site the size of Central Park. And the drawdown cost is $35 per metric ton compared to $100 for mechanical solutions. The best part is that our process is powered by photosynthesis!