How HiveMind affects the Climate Change Crisis

HiveMind sequestered 135 metric tons of CO2e in four inches of soil on a 500 square feet green roof at Cummin’s Huddersfield diesel plant. Our data from over a dozen sites in the US give an average of 100 tons CO2e sequestered per 1,000 square feet on a standard sedum roof of four inches. There are 43,560 square feet in an acre, so it’s possible to sequester 4,300 tons of CO2e over ten years on acres of land. Central Park is 840 acres so it’s possible to sequester 3.6 million tons of CO2e in a space the park’s size. That’s the carbon footprint of 180,600 Americans. We believe that’s a better solution than a park full of giant air sucking fans.

HiveMind’s per ton cost is $11 compared to $100 per ton for mechanical
capture. Our margins are 45% and will only fall to 40% with scale up.

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