HiveMind is the Only Company to Successfully Sequester CO2 & N2O in the Field Using Natural Agents

HiveMind began 12 years ago as an adjunct to the Chicago Green Roof’s Program. Though the aim of the program was focused on mitigating the urban heat island effect one of our founding partners wondered if it was possible to mitigate CO2 emissions using a blend of mycelium species. We developed a protocol based on the ground-breaking work of mycologist Paul Stamets.

A small series of grants was given to test a pilot in Chicago. Over the next five years, we discovered three results:

1.) The mycelium not only helped the plants sequester more CO2, but 40% of the plant’s carbon stayed in the mycelium matrix in the soil even after the plant died,

2.) The mycelium also outcompeted N2O producing microbes. That’s significant because N2O has 298 times the heat trapping capacity of CO2,

3.) The plants thrived through drought, pollution, and heat waves more successfully than non-inoculated plants thus increasing oxygen production.

HiveMind is working with Cummins Diesel, Shell Oil, and half dozen other fortune two hundred companies to sequester over 100 million metric tons of CO2e. We developed a mycelium inoculated green roof for Shell’s gas stations in London. We are working with non-profits in Thailand to preserve Mangrove swamps that sequesters massive amounts of CO2 as well as promote biodiversity, and income for women.

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HiveMind’s Team

Joseph Kelly

Executive Director

Joseph Kelly helped bring Tibetan Medicine to the US in the late 90's through a product line of herbal teas sold through Whole Foods. He has done a TedX Talk on Hive Mind’s work using mycelium to bioremediate radioactive sites in the Southwest. He was nominated for a Katerva Prize for his work with HiveMind sequestering CO2.

Andrew Grieves

Global Standards

Andrew Grieves is a member of the Institute of Roofing, IoSH qualification for Directors. Has worked at Rooftech (trainee Surveyor), Rentokil Roofing, Flag UK, and Weatherproofing Advisors.